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Founded in 1956, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) is the only state-level academic center for medical sciences in China and multidiscipline medical research institution.

Founded in 1917, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) is the first key medical school to offer eight-year curriculum on clinical medicine and undergraduate courses on nursing in China.

CAMS and PUMC have been leaders in modern medicine in China for over a century.

Today, CAMS and PUMC produce world-class medical research and educations, shoulder the responsibility of advising the Chinese government on pivotal health care and medical education reforms.


Xuetao Cao, M.D., Ph.D.
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
and Peking Union Medical College

On behalf of the entire Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) family, I take great honor to introduce CAMS and PUMC, and our achievements in the last 60 years for CAMS and 100 years for PUMC.

Founded in 1917, PUMC was the first medical university in China offering an eight-year curriculum leading to an M.D. degree. Its sister institution, CAMS, founded in 1956, is a leading multidisciplinary medical research institution. CAMS and PUMC were merged in 1957 and are interdependent and complementary, providing mutual benefits in medical education and research. Together, CAMS and PUMC run 18 institutes, 6 hospitals, and 7 schools.

CAMS and PUMC is dedicated to promoting international cooperation and would like to share its vision, progress, and knowledge with colleagues and friends worldwide by encouraging scientific exchange and joint training of young scientists and graduate students. CAMS and PUMC opens its research facilities to the international science community and supports collaborations with overseas researchers. CAMS is also exploring new ways to evaluate, support, and lead the next generation of medical researchers in China.

We are going to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of PUMC in Sept. 2017. I warmly welcome you to join us and witness the great moments together!

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  • 2014

    School Of Public Health, School of Humanities and Social Sciences founded


    Peking Union Medical College Alumni founded


    Institute of Pathogen Biology founded


    Institute of Microcirculation founded


    Institute of Medica Plant Development founded


    Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences founded

  • 1978

    Institute of Plastic Surgery funded


    Institute of Oncology founded


    Institute of Engineering founded


    Institude of Radiotion Medicine founded


    Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Institute of Medical Biology, Institute of Materia Medica founded


    Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Cancer Hospital founded

  • 1957

    Institue of Hematology founded, Institude of Blood Transfusion founded


    Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences founded


    Peking Union Medical Colloge founded


    Peking Union Medical Colloge laid the foundation Stone