PUMC New Year’s Day Gala


On the evening of December 23, PUMC held 2017 New Year’s Day Gala at the PUMC auditorium. This gala was sponsored by the Graduate School of PUMC and organized by Department of Sports and Entertainment, Graduate School, PUMC. As the gala kicked off, students responded warmly by sharing interesting photos and their feelings about the event. The three rounds of lucky draw were the highlight of the event.

The gala had 13 shows on its program list, covering singing, instrumental performance, dances and crosstalk. The diverse, amazing shows received warm applause throughout the event. Let’ s enjoy the highlights of the gala.

The gala started with the dance “Genesis”, and the dance accompanied by the rhythmic song immediately set the gala on fire.

The perfect combination of the beautiful soothing folk song “Clouds, Water and Peaceful Heart” and sand painting performance kept the audience captivated. This reminded us that we are proud to be PUMC students.

The mesmerizing dance Fen Mo was lapped up by an enthusiastic audience.  The graceful move of dancers and the beautiful smile of the lead dancer would be in the mind of the audience for a long time.

The cheerful dance “Shake the Room” was filled with passion and vitality, reminding us to do fitness exercises.

Then, a tight set of nostalgic songs (Songs of Youth) sent the applauding audience back to their youth.

The gala was wrapped up with the performances of the Croatian Rhapsody by PUMC Philharmonic Orchestra and the alma mater of PUMC by a female choir, which provided an opportunity for the audience to enjoy the beauty of symphony in the antique auditorium.

The 2017 New Year’s Day Gala of PUMC came to an end. This audiovisual feast is a perfect way to bidding farewell to 2016 and saying hello to 2017.