CAMS & PUMC has six directly affiliated hospitals (Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Fu Wai Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Plastic Surgery Hospital, Blood Diseases Hospital, Skin Disease Hospital and one co-operated hospital (Tianjin Taida Cardiovascular Hospital), totaling about 6000 beds. This healthcare system composes of both general hospitals and specialized ones maintains a domestic leadership and advanced level abroad in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumor, blood diseases, dermatological diseases, hereditary diseases, organ reconstruction, autoimmune diseases, and endocrinous diseases. This system features a close combination of medical practice, education, and research which is prestigious both in China and abroad. The unparalled strength of CAMS & PUMC in medical practice and research is evidenced by its well-known medical experts, who take key positions in the National Healthcare Committee, National Medical Examination Committee, National Medical Accident Appraisal Expert Committee and Chinese Medical Association. Furthermore, they pioneer and advocate new techniques and standards in China.