PUMC Holds Launch Ceremony of Centennial Celebrations


In the afternoon of December 27, 2016, PUMC held the kickoff ceremony of centennial celebrations. More than 60 people attended the ceremony, including CAMS & PUMC President Xuetao Cao, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, Vice President Qin Zhang, heads of institutes and departments, and reports from over 30 mainstream media organizations like the People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency. Vice President Qin Zhang presided over the ceremony.



The ceremony started with a video showing highlights of the 60th anniversary celebrations of CAMS throughout the process. CAMS and PUMC, merged in 1957, are independent and complementary. Still brimming with joy of CAMS’s anniversary in 2016, the centennial of PUMC will be cerebrated in 2017 。



President Xuetao Cao delivered remarks at the ceremony. He reviewed the history and achievements of PUMC, pointing out that PUMC, founded in 1917, is a cradle of China’s modern medicine --- it initiated eight-year medical education and systems such as premedical education and resident doctor system, established modern nursing education and pharmacy disciplines, created the Dingxian public health mode and founded modern public health education, playing a vital role in the integrated development of China’s medicine and medical education and the advance of pharmacy, preventive medicine, public health, and other fields of the health industry.



With the centennial approaching, he put forward three expectations for PUMC: to become an incubator of medical talents in China by sticking to small scale and high quality amid the national trend of building top universities and disciplines; to take lead in medical education innovation through exploring the new mode of cultivating innovative medical talents and improving the interdisciplinary admission mode and system; and to carry forward the humanistic spirit by adhering to the patient-centered, rigorous and down-to-earth work style and the innovation concept of pursuing excellence and breakthroughs.

Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang introduced the specific arrangements for the centennial celebrations. A series of distinctive activities dedicated to the general public, the medical industry and the teachers and students will be held: (1) organize one hundred experts to provide services and give health outreach lectures to the residents; (2) hold international medical education summit that brings together domestic and foreign experts to discuss the development direction, future, and objectives of medical education; and (3) sort out and demonstrate the history and tradition of PUMC in a comprehensive and systematic manner, so as to spread its culture and spirit.


To upbeat music and exciting sound of countdown, the leaders of CAMS & PUMC went on stage and unveiled the countdown board, signifying the beginning of the 269-day countdown activity for the 100th anniversary of PUMC.



While the numbers on the countdown board remind us of the approaching of that significant day, we will consistently dedicate ourselves to leading the development of China’s medical education, providing talents for the building of “Healthy China”, and making solid contribution to improving people’s health.

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