“Chinese Scientists and Cell Press”-- Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Held in CAMS&PUMC


On the afternoon of May 19, the series of activities of “Chinese Scientists and Cell Press” - the Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine jointly organized by China Science Daily, the American publisher Cell Press, and CAMS&PUMC were successfully held in the small auditorium of PUMC.

On the occasion of the forthcoming centennial of PUMC, the forum, as one of the most important academic activities for the celebration of the PUMC’s 100-year anniversary, has attracted more than 300 experts, scholars, and young students from all over the country to discuss scientific research and academic developments in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine with relevant scientists through the international academic platform of "Chinese Scientists and Cell Press".


Qi Zhou, Vice President of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director of the Institute of Zoology (IOZ), chaired the forum. Academician Zhou pointed out that starting from this century, the research on stem cells and regenerative medicine has become the most remarkable field of natural science. With the gradual improvement of theories related to stem cells, the rapid development of technology will undoubtedly yield epoch-making results in disease treatment, biological medicine, and other areas. 



Peng Chen, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Science Daily, said that as the sponsor, he would like to take this opportunity to build an international high-end academic exchange platform for domestic scientists in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine and promote research development in this area in China.



Xiaohong Yang, Representative of the Cell Press in Greater China, Executive Deputy Editor of Cancer Cell and Publisher of Molecular Plant, indicated that since the very first bone marrow transplantation 50 years ago, research on stem cells has witnessed rapid development. As the branch of biomedicine with the highest explosive force, the technology of stem cells and regenerative medicine is widely seen as one of the most important and effective methods against major diseases.



Academician Xuetao Cao, President of CAMS&PUMC, stressed his belief that in the near future and against the backdrop of strengthening international cooperation, China would be able to lead the technological development of stem cells and regenerative medicine in certain key areas with great supports, especially in terms of integrating original achievements and clinical applications and promoting the development of Chinese medical science for the benefit of mankind.



During the forum, Tao Cheng, Executive Deputy Director of Hematology Research Institute and Blood Disease Hospital and Director of Stem Cell Medical Center of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Hongkui Deng, Professor and Changjiang Scholar from the School of Life Sciences of Peking University, Xiaohua Shen, Professor from the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University, Wei Li, Researcher from the IOZ of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and many other well-known experts in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine made wonderful reports around the topic and initiated in-depth discussions on research frontiers.



During the Q&A session, the audience raised questions and actively exchanged views with experts on specific topics concerning "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine".




Background information:

“Chinese Scientists and Cell Press” is a series of international academic cooperation activities launched by China Science Daily and the Cell Press. Adhering to the mission of leading scientific ideas, enhancing China's scientific research strength, and building an international academic sharing platform, it has made itself the most influential event in life sciences.



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