CAMS Shanghai Biospecimen Resource Cooperation Research Center Established


To strengthen the cooperation between CAMS&PUMC and local companies, fully leverage the supporting and guiding role of CAMS&PUMC in China’s innovation of medical science and technology, and provide services for the development of Shanghai Technology Incubation Center, CAMS&PUMC and Shanghai Biochip Co., Ltd. (National Engineering Research Center for Biochip, SBC) signed an agreement on jointly building CAMS Shanghai Biospecimen Resource Cooperation Research Center (the Cooperation Research Center). On May 24, the signing and inauguration ceremony of the Cooperation Research Center was held in Shanghai. The ceremony was presided over by SBC President Yue Li and attended by CAMS&PUMC President Xuetao Cao, CAMS&PUMC Vice President Xue Zhang and heads of relevant departments of CAMS&PUMC, as well as Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Vice Director-General Qigao Zhu, NHFPC Shanghai Municipal Commission Vice Director-General Dandan Zhao and relevant leaders of Shanghai Pudong New Area Bio-industry Association, and SBC Chairman Zheng Pan, SBC President Yue Li and SBC General Manager Hengjun Gao.



Xuetao Cao pointed out in his speech that, as biospecimen standardization evolves, the biospecimen database provides lots of convenient means for scientific researches. SBC takes a leading position in China in this area. The Cooperation Research Center is a result of the alliance between SBC and CAMS&PUMC and an important form for CAMS&PUMC to serve the regional economic development and give play to its supporting and guiding role in medical scientific and technological innovations. More importantly, it is an important measure of CAMS&PUMC for faster development through effectively integrating internal and external resources, building the national core base for system of medical scientific and technological innovation, and actively supporting the implementation of major initiatives such as “Healthy China” and “Belt and Road”. The cooperation is expected to provide a better platform for integrating into the international medical development and offer more core technologies and products in the biomedicine field. Zheng Pan said that the Cooperation Research Center will make contributions in the aspects of standardization and IT applications of specimen database. Qigao Zhu made a speech, congratulating the founding of the center and recognizing the contributions made by CAMS&PUMC in supporting the building of Shanghai Technology Incubation Center, promising that Shanghai Science and Technology Commission will create favorable conditions actively for the building of the center. At the meeting, Hengjun Gao introduced the development situation of SBC.



Witnessed by all participants, Xuetao Cao and Zheng Pan signed the Agreement on Joint Building of CAMS Shanghai Biospecimen Resource Cooperation Research Center on behalf of each side. After that, Xuetao Cao, CAMS&PUMC Vice President Xue Zhang, Vice Director-general Dandan Zhao and Chairman Zheng Pan unveiled the nameplate of the center.



 As research on molecular medical transformation and precision medicine advances constantly, biospecimen science (biospecimen resource) becomes increasingly important. The standardized acquisition, full application, interconnection and sharing of biospecimen are highly valued, and it is urgently needed to make in-depth researches on standardization, professionalization, intensification, IT application and virtualization of biospecimen database as well as biospecimen economics and sustainable development. SBC is a hi-tech company for research on biochip and molecular medicine approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission. Under the uniformed planning and guidance of CAMS&PUMC, the Cooperation Research Center, will give play to the advantages of SBC in the field of biospecimen database and carry out resource sharing and cooperation study in building, sharing and application of the biospecimen resource database, as well as biospecimen science, molecular medicine and precision medicine, so as to make joint efforts to promote scientific research innovation and industrialization in the field of biomedicine, make contributions to enhance China’s health-related scientific and technological innovation level and promote the development of Shanghai Technology Incubation Center.




 (Department of Research Administration)