Centennial PUMC and Healthy China - Ceremony of "Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture" Launched


On June 15, 2017, on the occasion of 100 days’ countdown of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) centennial anniversary, hundreds of PUMC experts and students gathered in the PUMC Hall with a history of one hundred years at Dongdan Santiao, Beijing, to commemorate in a special way this special day – the launch of "Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture".

In order to implement the guiding spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, practice the "Plan of Healthy China 2030", carry forward PUMC’s concept of “prevention first”, fully leverage the core base of the national medical science and technology innovation system, facilitate the people to learn from the spirit of great masters and scientific knowledge, and to make the medical wisdom of PUMC benefit the people, CAMS&PUMC decided to hold the activities of “Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture", making contributions to spreading its medical knowledge, passing love to patients and helping build a healthy China with practical actions.

Party Secretary Guoqin Li first of all introduced the series of activities for celebrating PUMC’s 100th anniversary, namely the "eight one", i.e., one short film, one series of books, one celebration, one party, one series of academic reports, one series of popular science propaganda, one series of cultural shows and one series of alumni activities. Teachers, students, and alumni of CAMS&PUMC and the general public will celebrate PUMC’s 100th anniversary in different ways.

President Xuetao Cao gave the first lecture titled” Centennial PUMC and Healthy China”, introducing the glorious history of PUMC in the past 100 years and its outstanding contributions in the development of Chinese medicine, and particularly pointing out that the staff members of CAMS&PUMC had the strong patriotism and a high sense of responsibility for the future of China and the destiny of the Chinese nation. He stressed the responsibility of CAMS&PUMC as the leader in national medical field in the face of the historic opportunity of building a healthy China: to be the national center of diagnosis and treatment in medical services and the national prevention and treatment center of cardiovascular disease, tumor and other major diseases; to be the introducer, advocate, and practitioner in international medical elite education; to lead the national innovation project and lead the industry direction in medical research; to give priority to the people’s demand and national tasks and give priority to focusing on social benefits in scientific and technological achievements; to establish community-level prevention bases in China and go abroad on behalf of China to combat the Ebola epidemic in Africa in the aspects of public health and major disease prevention and control; to serve as a national health think tank in policy analysis and industry reports.

In the following dialogue session, CCTV host Mr. Weihong Chen had a dialogue with President Xuetao Cao, former presidents Denian Ba and Depei Liu, and Deputy Director-General Shuli Song of the Department of Communications of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), talking about the future development and social responsibility of PUMC. Cao introduced that, in order to implement Chinese President Xi Jinping’s instructions, CAMS&PUMC has worked out two "123" action plans, of which the “123”action plan aims to enhance the core innovation capacity of medical science and technology, through one strategic positioning, two core development directions, and three key tasks, and strive to build PUMC into a world-class modern medical science and scientific research institute; the “123”PUMC enhancement plan aims to enhance the comprehensive competency of medical education, through one strategic positioning, two major construction goals, and three enhance tasks, is committed to build PUMC into a world-class medical college. It is necessary to not only think about the direction of development from the perspective of the strategy, but also carry out the responsibility of CAMS&PUMC to satisfy the needs of the country, focus on goals, practice with priority and fulfill the responsibilities in a phased manner, so as to make greater achievements.

Academician Denian Ba said, talents are the most important resource and the most valuable asset of CAMS&PUMC. PUMC has fostered the best physicians, medical educators, medical scientists and outstanding managers of medical health, making great contributions to Chinese medicine. Academician Depei Liu pointed out that with the progress of science and technology and the development of medicine, health promotion becomes more and more important. PUMC shall foster more medical personnel with a strong sense of social responsibility and dedication to promote the health of people. Deputy Director-General Shuli Song said that, the series of activities "Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture" is an important measure for implementing the healthy China strategy, reflecting CAMS&PUMC’s social responsibilities for meeting the people's growing health needs, actively promoting the popularization of health-related scientific knowledge and safeguarding public health.


At the end of the ceremony, Xuetao Cao issued a letter of appointment to Shuli Song for hiring him as senior adviser of the lecturer mission for "Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture", and hired the hosts Ms. Yin Cheng and Mr. Weihong Chen as public welfare ambassadors for "Centennial PUMC and Health Lecture".

A hundred years ago, PUMC implemented medical elite education in accordance with the standard of top international medical colleges, and has become the birthplace of modern Chinese medicine and the cradle to train high-level medical talents since its establishment. Now, look into the future at the new start point of the 100th anniversary, PUMC will actively establish an international resource platform to strengthen the cooperation with the world's top medical research institutions and medical colleges, and especially under the guidance of the international development strategy of the Belt and Road, give full play to the role of medical communication and innovation; at the same time, CAMS&PUMC will also help the building of a healthy China, give priority to people's health, popularize health science knowledge, and create a healthy future in China.

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