Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Founding of PUMC Library and Knowledge Service Innovation and Development Forum Held


On September 29, the “Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of PUMC - Library and Knowledge Service Innovation and Development Forum” of PUMC library, one of “Three Treasures of PUMC”, was successfully held. National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) Health Science, Technology and Education Department Deputy Director General Peixin Wu, National Science and Technology Library Director Yiqi Peng, CAMS&PUMC Vice President Xue Zhang, and National Library of Medicine Director Patricia Flatley Brennan made speeches, respectively. Present at the celebration were leaders of the Department of Sciences and Technologies for Social Development and some organizations under the CAMS, and nearly 300 relevant experts and scholars. Seven famous library experts at home and abroad made keynote speeches at the celebration.




Wu, pointed out in his speech that, the Institute of Medical Information and PUMC library, as the leader in medical information and medical library, play an important role in information resources, information service, data platform, policy-making consulting and health knowledge communication, etc., and serve as an information base and think tank, and put forward clear requirements on the future development. He highly recognized the important contributions made by the library, as the medical sub-center of the National Science and Technology Library, in terms of data processing, literature services, key information portal and key special information services, etc. Xue Zhang noted that the Institute of Medical Information and PUMC library have become irreplaceable and important supports for the reform and development of China’s health sector and medical scientific and technological innovations. Patricia Flatley Brennan made a speech in a video expressing his best wishes and looked forward to further cooperation and communications with the Institute of Medical Information and PUMC library.




During the academic exchanges, Ulrich Korwitz, former director of German National Library of Medicine, expounded on the impacts of disruptive digital technologies on medical libraries; Keith Cogdill, Director of Library at the National Institute of Health of the United States, shared the development vision of medical libraries in the aspects of space, user, archives storage and librarians‘ competence, etc.; Neil Rambo, NYU Medical Library Director and President of Library Association of American Medical Colleges, talked about his thoughts on the new roles and functions of medical libraries during the post-digital era; CAAS Agricultural Information Institute Director Tan Sun, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China Information Resource Center Director Jianxun Zeng, and Peking University Health Science Library Director Daqing Zhang made academic reports on data-intensive knowledge service system, metadata strategies of library in digital environment as well as the relations between medical library and medical cultures; PUMC Library Director Hui Chi looked back the 100-year history and looked into the future of the PUMC library, and proposed to establish an alliance for innovative services of medical libraries in China.




As an old Chinese saying goes, a thousand miles is accumulated through minor steps. We will never forget why we started, press ahead with determination, do all we can to build the library into a medical information resources and knowledge service center that suits the needs of the new era, and provide intellectual and information supports for promoting the building of a healthy China and national scientific and technological innovation.


 (Institute of Medical Information/library)