The Lancet – CAMS Health Summit Held


On December 11-12, 2017, “The Lancet - CAMS Health Summit”, jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and The Lancet, was held in Beijing. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (CAMS&PUMC) President Xuetao Cao, CAMS&PUMC Vice President Xue Zhang, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Richard Horton, Asia Executive Editor of The Lancet Helena Hui Wang, as well as nearly 400 experts and delegates at home and abroad attended the summit. Vice President Xue Zhang and Dr. Richard Horton made speeches, respectively.




The summit attracted top-notch multi-disciplinary medical scientists and researchers at home and abroad, as well as nearly 400 experts and delegates from seven countries and regions. The participants to the health-themed summit made in-depth discussions on serious diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as infectious diseases, clinical medicine, community-level medical services, environmental health, woman & child health, and public health, etc.


The summit set up a platform for the participants to exchange views and discuss about challenging and popular issues in the field of medical researches in the forms of keynote speech, presentations and interactive discussion, so as to promote communications, exchanges and cooperation between Chinese medical researchers and top-notch scientists and scholars from different regions.




The Lancet is one of the world’s oldest and best known comprehensive medical journals. It is famous for its high impact factor, as well as various original research articles at the frontier medical research and review articles. The Lancet pays close attention to the development of China’s medical and health services, and has made great efforts and contributions to medical exchanges between China and UK. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of The Lancet’s Editorial Council in China. The Lancet publishes “China-themed issues” every year. In 2017, it published three articles to introduce the status quo of prevention and control of hypertension of and community-level medical services for the Chinese people, offering a new idea of China’s prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.


Founded in 1956, CAMS is a state-level academic center for medical sciences in China and multidisciplinary medical research institution. Over the past 60 years, CAMS&PUMC carried out medical scientific researches and prevention and treatment of severe diseases for meeting China’s major medical demands and addressing cutting-edge medical issues, and have made a raft of important achievements. With 18 institutes, 6 hospitals and 7 schools, CAMS&PUMC has strong scientific research and teaching strengths.


The summit showcased China’s major medical progresses in disciplinary development and theoretical innovation in recent years. It set up an international platform for medical communications, promoted and demonstrated the advancement and academic results of Chinese medical scientists in the field of international high-level medical researches through publishing The Lancet “China-themed Issues”, and extensively expanded the opportunities for international cooperation between experts and scholars at home and abroad. “The Lancet - CAMS Health Summit” is tie for more fruitful results through the cooperation between The Lancet and Chinese medical organizations, and make important contributions to medical reform - the effort with Chinese characteristics and achieve the strategic goal of building a healthy China.


The Lancet and CAMS decided to continue to hold “The Lancet - CAMS Health Summit” next year.


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