The 2018 New Year’s Evening of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) Was Successfully Held


Towards the end of a year, let’s to bid farewell to the old time with fruitful results, and welcome the new spring of colorful dreams. Our college will embark a pioneering voyage after a glorious century.  


On December 23, 2017, the 2018 New Year’s Evening titled “Opening up an Innovative Chapter for Centennial PUMC” sponsored by the Students’ Union of the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) was held at the PUMC auditorium. It was an honor to have Vice Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, Vice President Xue Zhang of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), leaders of adminsitration departments and offices, as well as leaders and teachers in charge of education in CAMS & PUMC participate in the evening.


At 6:30 p.m., the Evening was started from Love of Life and Little Children sung by the Hegu Band. They warmed up the evening by their melodious and beautiful songs.


Next, four emcees from four different institutes and hospitals went on stage, each hosted the New Year’s evenings in the past four years one by one. Today, after four years, they met each other again to jointly continue the story of the fifth year. It was this stage that brought them together and also joined the hearts of the PUMC people.


Mr. Yunfeng Wang, Vice Party Secretary of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) sent the most sincere and warmest wishes to teachers and students participating in the New Year’s Evening.





The evening was then officially started. Fan Clear Wind brought us into a poetic world to appreciate the beauty of classical dance.


The programs of the evening combined affection and strength. The following special police performance by the Chinese People’s Public Security University, Red Attack, won acclaims from the audience again and again. On the stage, they were handsome and valiant; off the stage, they were courageous and adamant.




Shen Zhongzhou, Chairman of the Graduate Students’ Union of the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), put up a performance to lead us into a journey of fantasy by his humorous show and miraculous magic.



The ox was momentous; the tiger was alert. The two interacted to weave a wonderful roll of painting. Two drum performers from the China Conservatory of Music, who had performed in the Great Hall of the People, brought us a program called “Ox Fights with Tiger”.




The dance “Try” performed by graduate students outside Beijing was very dynamic and vigorous, as if sprites dancing with music were wantonly displaying their vibrant youth!




With melodious and warm music, “Way Back to Love” created the most romantic stage for this evening by gentle and beautiful vocal rays.




A happy dance demonstrated the vigor of youth. “Team” performed by students of the slim dance team interpreted the progress of dance from the 1980s to the 1990s and to the present. Their dynamic rhythms caused another sensation in the auditorium~




With their handsome rock & roll, and pleasant music, the Ambulance Band, which had performed on the stage of the New Year’s Evening several times, brought us another pleasant surprise. Their song, “Sweet ChildO’ mine” was very perfectly dynamic, topped off by their calm and composed manners and melodic songs. “Don’t Cry Boys” featured serene and ethereal voices, like the murmuring of a soul with unfading youth, which won hails from the audience again and again.  




The cross talk by students from Peking University, “I Am a Science Student”, was so humorous that the audience applauded enthusiastically.  


The dance “Songs of Beauties” displayed the mien of classical beauties, whose every movement and smile were so touching that our hearts were purified.




Teacher Xiaoxiong Duan from the Academy of Traditional Chinese Drama sang a song titled “Mother”, which displayed endless maternal love to us, leading a deep impression on the audience.




After excellent performances and interesting lottery drawing, the Evening was ended in the melodious music of “The Fifth of Hungarian Dances”, and “Ode to PUMC” performed by the PUMC Philharmonia Orchestra.


The Evening was successfully concluded with enthusiastic applauses of the audience. It was hard to meet and to depart. Though the emcees announced the ending of the Evening, the audience was unwilling to depart, as if the excellent shows were still before them, and the beautiful music was still by their ears. The audience was still immersed in the excellent programs, looking forward to the next one, and hating to part with the site of the New Year’s Evening. While PUMC celebrated its 100th anniversary, they seemed to be thinking. What are they thinking about? The answers will be found in the next 100 years. As the centennial PUMC is about to usher in a new chapter, PUMC people are working hard together in the same boat, standing on the shoulders of giants, carrying on their predecessors’ expectations, shouldering the mission of climbing heights, and embracing the benevolent idea of benefiting the world! Finally, let us thank all the players for their excellent performances, thank leaders and teachers of the General office of Graduate School for their careful guidance, and thank the education departments, clubs, and graduate students’ unions of all institutes and hospitals for their support! 




(General office of Graduate School, and Graduate Students’ Union)