PUMC Holds Leader-Student Meeting Meeting Needs of Students and Promoting Development of Education


At 7 p.m. on April 16, the meeting between leaders of CAMS&PUMC and eight-year medical students was held in the auditorium in Dongdan 3rd Alley. Present at the meeting were President Chen Wang, Vice President Zhongwei Zheng, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, Vice President Qin Zhang, Vice President Shuyang Zhang and Vice President Xue Zhang. President Chen Wang delivered an important speech. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang.


In order to strengthen the communication between teachers and students, listen to the voice of students, meet the needs of teachers and students, improve capability and quality of services, and promote the management of students in a faster manner, the Department of Student Affairs and other relevant departments, prior to the meeting, mobilized students to put forward proposals on the development of CAMS&PUMC, education and teaching reform, and logistics services.




At the meeting, Dean’s Office, Informatics Center, Teaching Support Center, and the Department of Education of PUMC Hospital answered students' proposals item by item and presented detailed solutions according to actual problems. Heads of these departments made it clear that measures must be further detailed and implemented, progress must be communicated timely, and various services must be put in place. Regarding some objective difficulties, the leaders of CAMS&PUMC required relevant departments to overcome these challenges as soon as possible by taking effective measures to ensure proper solutions.


President Chen Wang, on behalf of CAMS&PUMC, made remarks. Starting from the history of PUMC, he illuminated the running philosophy, purposes, and positioning of PUMC and the essence of education and teaching, sending PUMC’s students his words that “in your prime, I expect you seize the great opportunity to devote yourselves to medical study. It is the older generation that provides this great opportunity for you.”  He hoped that students need to continue to uphold the fine traditions of PUMC’s scholars and experts, carry on the hope of medical sciences, shoulder the historic responsibility, develop a global vision, pay attention to scientific research, improve literacy, raise hardship consciousness, and commit themselves to medical study and services with an ambition of honoring their commitment to the country. He also expected students to carry on the advanced culture and create new systems, so as to build a core base for China's medical research and education.




The meeting brought together nearly 400 people including students and relevant heads of the Office of CAMS&PUMC, News Center, Department of Construction, Labor Union, Dean’s Office, Department of Student Affairs, Informatics Center, Teaching Support Center, School of Basic Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, and Institute of Medical Information.  


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