CAMS & PUMC Leaders Visit Frontline Medical Staff before the Spring Festival


As the Spring Festival was approaching, on behalf of CAMS & PUMC, President Chen Wang, Party Secretary Guoqin Li, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, Vice President Qin Zhang, and Vice President Xue Zhang visited four hospitals of CAMS & PUMC in Beijing—PUMC Hospital, Fuwai Hospital, Cancer Hospital, and Plastic Surgery Hospital on the morning of February 12, 2018, to see the frontline medical staff who were to work during the festival, and extended to them Chinese New Year greetings and blessings.


The leaders first visited the Plastic Surgery Hospital. Accompanied by Director Zuoliang Qi, they talked kindly with the outpatient doctors and expressed congratulations for the Spring Festival. At the staff restaurant, the leaders presented the new-year gifts, and wished the staff of restaurant happy New Year in advance.




In the CCU ward of Fuwai Hospital, the leaders listened to an introduction of the hospital made by Director Shengshou Hu, and on behalf of CAMS & PUMC extended greetings of the Spring Festival to doctors and nurses of the ward, expressed gratitude for their contributions, and hoped they should take care of their health, keep devoted to work, and have a happy and auspicious Spring Festival while making dedication.




In the Emergency Observation Room of the PUMC Hospital, the leaders had a cordial talk with doctors and nurses, inquired about the medical treatment of the day, and listened to the working report by Party Secretary Yuxin Jiang. The leaders fully affirmed the efforts made by the doctors and nurses, and praised the spirit of their selfless dedication.




The last leg of the leaders’ visit was the Cancer Hospital. Accompanied by Director Jie He, they visited the VIP ward and No. 1 ward of the Department of Thoracic Surgery. The leaders gave warm greetings and sincere wishes to doctors and nurses in the wards, and presented them with gifts for the Spring Festival.




The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. When all the Chinese families reunited and celebrated the festival, the medical staff of the CAMS and PUMC hospitals gave up the opportunity to reunite with their own families, kept on duty at the front, and escorted the people’s health. The CAMS and PUMC leaders appreciated the selfless dedication and hard work of doctors and nurses, and wished everybody a happy new year.


Among those who participated in the visit were responsible persons of related functional departments, including the President’s Office, the Office of the Party Committee, the Department of Hospital Administration, and the Trade Union, among others.


 (Article /News Center, photos/Tonglin Luan, Publicity Department)